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It's Not All About Me

Sure, the wedding was kind of all about me. And, the honeymoon was definitely a time for Jeremy and me to relax and have the time of our lives. We met new people, ate a lot of food and went on some excursions. Today I’d like to tell you about one of the highlights of our trip.

Jeremy and I stayed at the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort when we were in Jamaica. Everything was included, so it was nice not to worry about what our daily budget was and how much we spent for each meal—no cash needed, because it was already paid for. Something that you could do for an extra charge was to go on a “Reading Road Trip.” The Sandals Foundation adopts schools throughout Jamaica and provides them with school supplies and other support throughout the year. This was a chance for us to visit one of their adopted schools and interact with some of the kids. We even brought books from home to donate to the school and some candy to share.

Thursday was our first full day in Jamaica (we had arrived Wednesday around noon) and we were a bit exhausted from the traveling. We had to be in the lobby ready to leave at 9am, so we woke up early, ate breakfast and got ready. Boy, was it worth it!

We arrived at the school in an underprivileged neighborhood and just looking at the front of the school made me realize how lucky I am. Their windows had only bars, no screens or glass, and the front area of the school was consumed by tall weeds. Then, we went in and met the group of three kids that we were going to work on activities with. All three of our kids were just lovely, and one of them—Tashana—instantly gravitated towards me. She leaned on me the entire time and even asked me to pick her up and hold her when we were getting ready to leave.  Leaving was not easy.

Working on activities with these kids who are grateful for every little thing was very eye-opening. I’ve volunteered for different causes before, but this was definitely the most heart-touching experience I’ve ever had. So, yes, the honeymoon was for us to enjoy, but doing something that wasn’t “all about me” really made the trip that much more meaningful. I encourage you to find activities that you can partake in to help others, even when you’re on vacation.

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to the school (as you can see, they loved our Knockaround sunglasses):

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Submitted by Jennilee (not verified) on

Aww, great pictures! Hope you and your husband had a great time!

Submitted by Heidi on

We had an amazing time, Jennilee! Thank you for reading the blog and for your post!

Submitted by Corinne (not verified) on

How Awesome Heids! I love this! Thanks for sharing! :)

Submitted by Heidi on

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Corinne! It was truly a great experience.

Submitted by Vianca (not verified) on

I love this! It made me really want to do this when I go on vacation this summer! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Submitted by Heidi on

That's great to hear! Let me know what you end up doing. :)

Submitted by Lucia (not verified) on

Aw this is so great and so special! :) Cute pictures too!! Congrats on the wedding! On our honeymoon last year we went to the Dominican and did something a little similar to this also. It’s such a great feeling to see how truly grateful they are and how something so small is so big for them. We are going to Costa Rica in May and plan to do something there also and bring some toiletries for the women and children since they are so expensive for them out there and most can’t afford them. Thanx for sharing!

Submitted by Heidi on

Lucia--that's so cool! I love hearing these kinds of stories. :) Have a great time in Costa Rica!

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